Boosting the Books with FOBL in October 2015

Friends of Balmain Library workers had a very happy time presiding over our Third Book Boost. We spent almost $5,000.00 buying books for the Library on the weekend of 17/18 October.

This is how it works: we ask the Library staff which areas need a top up. Last year it was non-fiction which resulted in a very colourful supply of cookbooks. This year it was children’s books and fiction. There was a particular need for board books for the littlies who do use them for teething and tearing practice.

Then the public are invited in to choose what books they would like to see on the shelves. People usually are quite surprised and cheerful that they can choose a book without spending a dollar of their own money. The kids are delighted to rummage through the collection and of course want to take their book home straight away. The idea of waiting a couple of weeks for the staff to process them is not always well received.

We FOBLers have a great time chatting to old friends, making new ones, joining up new members and watching the beautiful kids enjoying the beautiful books.

A special thanks to the Hill of Content staff who provide us with a really good selection of titles at very good prices and of course to the Library staff who grabbed the selections for processing ASAP and also kept us supplied with tea and chocky biccies.

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