October 2018 – Inaugural Trivia Night

It was our first, and I hope our inaugural, FOBL Trivia night. The Balmain Town Hall small meeting room had been turned into a patchwork of colourful tables. These were waiting to be filled by teams testing their literary knowledge as well as the occasional question about Balmain history.

The evening started with people helping themselves to the delicious supper provided by the committee, together with plenty of wine and soft drink.

And then we were off. The Balmain bunnies pitting themselves against Balmain bugs, basket weavers, purple people and waifs and strays – the questions came thick and fast from our quizmaster, who entertained us with extra trivia. She seemed to know the star sign of every writer who has ever lived! She was ably helped by her own handmaiden who handed out papers, added up the scores and added in some clues when we were clueless.

Trivia (which our quizmaster defined as details or information which are unimportant) always reminds me how much there is to know. We learnt some interesting facts during the evening: that the Miles Franklin Award is named after Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin, well known for her novel My Brilliant Career. Now that is something I will never forget. And I had not known that Gladstone Park is known as the pigeon ground. Nor how many luminaries, writers, poets and actors call Balmain home.

Many thanks to Susan Sharpe and Vivienne Nichol Hatton for providing the inspiration for the trivia night, for making it happen, for putting together and presenting the questions so ably and in such an entertaining way. Our thanks to Hill of Content for supporting us in donating some beautiful coffee table books for our raffle. Thank you also to the FOBL committee, and some of our FOBL members, who contributed to the supper and to making this a light-hearted and fun evening. Not forgetting, of course, that our evenings are to held to fund-raise so that we can support our favourite library.


  1. Earlier this year I donated a book to the Noble Literature list. This was The Slave by Isaac Bashivas Singer, I have not been able to locate this on the specialist book shelf or on the book list. Please let me know what has happened.

    1. Author

      Patrica, thank you for your inquiry. We will follow up and get back to you on this.

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