Pam Dingle – (1933-20.11.2019) Friend of the Friends of Balmain Library.

Pam was a very early member of FOBL.  She served as both Chair and Membership Secretary as well as being involved in our other activities.

She stepped into the role of Chair at a moment’s notice when I had to leave the role hastily for medical reasons.  She was rather horrified by the large amount of paperwork I handed over to her but being Pam, she just laughed and got on with the job.  She continued as Chair for a couple of years after which she gratefully handed over to Mariella, having found the job quite onerous as most of us did.

She bravely continued as Membership Secretary, a messy and thankless task, and we were all grateful for her efforts to keep things in order.

Pam was universally popular with our Committee members.  She was always cheerful and positive and got on with whatever work was to hand.  It is only very recently that she ceased to come to our events as she became less well.

Personally, I really enjoyed her sense of humour. Very dry and sharp.  She was a relatively quiet person and very observant.  No doubt those years of teaching had helped shape the person she was.  We did her miss her when she left the Committee, she always had something useful to contribute.

Personally, I was aware that she was very close to her sons and grandchildren.  And it was clear from what she said that she was well cared for by her family.  Something every parent appreciates from their children.

I can assure Pam’s family that her time with the Friends of Balmain Library was much appreciated and she leaves good memories behind her.

Jan Aitkin for FOBL.

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