Since 2010 FOBL has run a writing competition, open to students from public schools in the Balmain area, and Balmain Secondary College. The competition offers generous prizes to participants, and the schools are rewarded not only by the success of their pupils but by a substantial book voucher for their libraries.

The nature and theme of the competition and the signature words changes from year to year, and you can keep informed by signing up to our newsletter and reading the website.

The growing number of participants each year has highlighted the popularity of this competition. A vibrant award night concludes the competition, with parents, teachers, and winners mingling to celebrate the wonderful achievements of Balmain’s young writers.

In 2012 FOBL published stories by the primary school finalists of 2010 and 2011. A specially designed book is now available which showcases the imaginative writing of our young entrants. See below for details and how to purchase.

The winning stories and poems can be read below.