Arctic Explorers

 “Everyone off your sleds!” roared the captain. “We shall rest here for the night.”
There was an eruption of cheers as everyone got off their sleds and started setting
up camp.

Feeling very pleased with himself, the captain started twiddling his inky-black
moustache and, one hour later, all the tents were set up an everyone was taking a
break. It was about midnight when Steve pointed out to the sky and said, “Look, the
Northern Lights!”

Everyone looked up in awe as they watched the gleaming green sky above them,
which was a very unfortunate mistake of theirs, as right at that moment a very
hungry polar bear had been prowling and had now seen an all-you-can-eat buffet of
distracted humans.

Once they realised that they were about die, everyone started screaming and
running, as the polar bear ate them, one by one. The Captain told everyone to follow
him; only two of them were listening, so they became the last three. They jumped on
a sled and raced off, leaving the polar bear in the dust (well, snow, actually).

Two days later they were famished but nowhere near the boat. “My tracker says it’s
ten kilometres away: we really need to get there by dawn or we will die like
everyone else,” said Peter worryingly.

“Don’t think about it, we’ll make it.” Martin said reassuringly, just as they heard a
low growling from behind them . . .

Will Selsby
Year 6
Orange Grove Public School