When her dad comes home, we hear
Through the wall
Marimba footsteps down the hallway

She is short
She is two
And she is good at running.

Playdoh in colour coded tubs
She makes the cakes
She sees in shop windows.

Last year she took a little packet of jelly beans
From the shelf at the chemist.
How could you blame her?
The shelf was buggy height
And the packet the perfect size for a toddler’s mitt.

She knows the garbos,
Sits outside on the steps every Tuesday
To watch them load the bins
They say hi,
She is shy.


She loves playing hide and seek.
When it’s her turn to hide she buries her head under a pillow.
I pretend she’s invisible
“Where’s Eloise? Where could she be?”
She jumps out, giggling.

She is short
She is two
Her giggle is contagious.


Otto Paton
Year 6
Rozelle Public School