Red Fortress

 I live in a red fortress,
Its bricks and walls stand strong.
It is my home at day and night,
I’ve lived there for so long.

With no fancy this or fancy that,
It’s a normal sight to see.
But it is the perfect house,
For my sister, my parents and me.

The house itself is ordinary,
It’s the people inside that are rare.
With laughter and imagination within its walls,
There’s a personal touch everywhere.

On the inside there are pale beige walls,
Grey carpeting on the floor.
With Persian carpets under my feet,
And colourful artworks galore.

My bedroom is no different,
Books and toys make a sea of fun.
But, of course, it never stays that way,
Because mum says I have to clean up when I’m done!

My backyard is a jungle,
With lush green grass and trees.
I can go sit in the tree house,
Or play on my swing or trapeze.

From the backyard I can look inside,
And see my fortress glow.
With all its warmth and quirks,
I know this is my home.

I can see my little dog Bobby,
I can see my sister play.
Then I can see my parents,
Resting for the day.

I realise that with all the imperfections in this house,
It makes it perfect for me.
Whatever I am, whatever I feel,
This is where I’m meant to be.

I live in a red fortress,
Its bricks and walls standing strong.
And with every step I take in my home,
I know this is where I belong.

Lalleh Memar
Year 6
Balmain Public School