Seasons scraps


Is it F natural? Or is it B Flat?
And why does she play the one note just like that?
And why does she practice at night? Why not day?
And how come she can't find a nice tune to play?
Oh tiny musician, mosquito my friend,
It's time your performance should come to its end!


Some people think Autumn is chill in the air
And drinking hot chocolate in a comfy warm chair.
To others it means all the leaves going brown
And knitting a scarf  while the rain sprinkles down.
To some it means football or birds on the wing,
But to me it means Birthday, which tops everything!


It's Winter time, Oh No! Oh Please!
Dreadful stockings round my knees.
These itchy things, it feels like fleas
are feasting on my flesh, Oh Geez!
Who the heck invented these??
Take them off, I'd rather freeze!


Put away the beanie, get out the hat.
Pack up the scarf, no use for that!
The days are now longer, the weather is pleasing,
Let's jump in the waves. Oh my gosh, it's still freezing!!!

The seasons are done, let's give a big cheer.
I've only lost seven lunch boxes this year.

Miranda Johnston
Year 5
Rozelle Public School